the crosswalk that vibrates to save your life

The coexistence between vehicles and pedestrians is one of the greatest challenges in road traffic safety.
Pedestrians walk around unaware of their surroundings, distracted by electronic devices such as earbuds and smartphones, the emergence of individual mobility systems such as bikes or scooters, quiet electric vehicles, etc. New mobility models and trends are increasingly placing pedestrians in danger.

AiCross is the simplest as well as the most inexpensive and effective solution for this problem.


AiCross designs specific solutions for road traffic safety. Professionals from an array of fields and sectors work together towards a single goal: using technology to improve pedestrian safety. This simple idea is able to prevent thousands of injuries and to promote safe mobility as a right for everyone.


We needed a device that could form part of street furniture and be seamlessly integrated in roadway infrastructures to ensure pedestrian safety. A simple, discrete, practical and resistant component.

AiCross is a vibrating platform that is activated when three factors coincide:

A red pedestrian crossing sign
An approaching vehicle
A pedestrian attempting to cross

AiCross is manufactured with state-of-the-art materials used in the aerospace industry. AiCross houses different types of sensors that are able to emit acoustic and light signals, and it adapts to the requirements of any pedestrian crossing. It can be installed right in the asphalt or set up on an elevated platform on the roadway, the sidewalk or in between.

AiCross makes pedestrian crossings more effective at warning of potential risks.


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