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AiCross creates an adjustable stimulus in the form of vibrations to warn pedestrians about the action they are about to take and anticipate potential risks.


AiCross technology is based on aerospace engineering applied to resistant materials. The materials we develop offer maximum resistance and rigidity, and are the perfect weight for their intended purpose: the constant flow of pedestrians and all types of vehicles.

The special features of the resin used for the surface enable AiCross to:


  • Have varying degrees of roughness, ensuring the right adhesion for every situation.
  • Feature an array of finishes, such as truncated domes, to help the visually impaired get around safely.
  • Offer flexible designs for pedestrian crossings in an array of sizes and layouts, whether curved or straight.


AiCross only vibrates when its pressure sensors detect a pedestrian. The detection sensitivity and the vibration intensity are adjustable.
Beyond the base model, AiCross can also light up thanks to its LED lighting.
AiCross can also emit acoustic signals for the hearing impaired. In this situation, the sound originates directly from the device, considerably reducing the loudness rating compared with existing systems. Acoustic signals are emitted when it is safe for pedestrians to cross, as per visual impairment standards.
For use on intercity roadways, AiCross can be equipped with vehicle detection sensors that activate the device to make it vibrate and light up. In this case, AiCross also warns drivers as to the presence of a pedestrian crossing.
Thanks to the special features of the materials used, AiCross can be customized with warning messages, logos and images of any type.
The lighting and finishes also make it suitable for areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, such as the entrances to hotels and public buildings, etc.


AiCross is also designed to improve commuter train mobility. It can be configured with truncated domes, reflective yellow paint, lighting and a vibration feature along the platform.

By monitoring carriage capacity, we can use colored lights on the platform to inform travelers of the best place to wait for a carriage with fewer passengers.

In the event of an emergency, AiCross can automatically indicate the exit with lights.


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